Who We Are

Hello friends – Welcome to Rookie Sports Club, my name is Amanda. I am the founder and grateful owner of RSC.

I come from a family of teachers. My mom had two degrees in Education from Kent State. I earned my bachelor’s in Physical Education – also from Kent State. And it is my honor and pleasure to welcome my brother Mitchell into Rookie Sports Club! Mitchell earned his bachelor’s degree in Middle School Education from Ohio Dominican University.

Rookie Sports Club is a combination of two of my favorite things in life – Teaching and playing sports. Both Mitchell and I are former student-athletes. We know and love competitive sports. That is not our passion at Rookie Sports Club. First and foremost – HAVE FUN! For many kids, organized sports is going to be an exciting and necessary challenge. We own this responsibility of creating a positive experience for everyone. We’re showing them how fun it is to run around outside, to practice and learn skills, and cooperate in a whole new way. 

Your satisfaction is paramount to me.  Rookie Sports Club is my opportunity to lead a caring company.

I hope to get to know your family through RSC, but either way, have fun out there! 😊


Our Mission

Rookie Sports Club is dedicated to providing quality youth sports programs and camps that are encouraging, safe and active. Instructors will be enthusiastic, patient, and competent at all times. Rookie Sports Club is committed to providing each child with a positive sports experience that will lead to additional participation in sports, inspiring a healthy, active lifestyle.